This quarter, 100% of our profits will be donated to:

Te Veo House Denver comes from the hearts of our friends at Project I See You. Project I See You empowers women by focusing on emotional, relational, and spiritual health. The vision of Te Veo House Denver is a home for women – a place where women can gather and have true community. It will be a place for where women can be seen and heard, have their story matter, and have hope for a new story in their life. This home will fill an existing gap in housing for women by providing a low barrier transitional housing for several months as they get themselves out of survival mode and settled in preparation for longer term housing options.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Project I See You to see this awesome vision come to fruition!


Below are some of our previous benefiting charities with donations totaling $19,617.51:

LuBird’s Light Foundation was founded to build magical, inclusive playgrounds for children of all needs and to support children with rare disabilities such as Pallister Killian Syndrome. Lucia “LuBird” was born with the rare genetic condition PKS and is affected from head to toe.  While Lucia faces many challenges she is still just a little girl who wants to experience the joy, love and laughter in life.

Learn more about the mission of LuBird’s Light, and how you can help them out by visiting

$1,617.82 was donated to this great cause. Thank you!


The Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association (COTBDAA) is a grassroots organization dedicated to elevating awareness of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in Colorado through education, prevention, research and advocacy.

Check them out at

100% of our profits this quarter totaled $1,372.06!


Project Worthmore provides programs that foster community, self-sufficiency and increase quality of life among Denver-area refugees. Started as a makeshift response to the unmet needs of our refugee neighbors in 2010, Project Worthmore has grown to offer a variety of programs and services including English language classes, citizenship classes, a community-run food access program, a refugee training farm, a five-chair dental clinic, and access to Community Navigators and Family Partners.

You can learn more about Project Worthmore by visiting

Profits from this quarter totaled $1,192.11!


The mission of The Blue Bench is to eliminate sexual assault and diminish the impact it has on individuals, their loved ones and our community through comprehensive prevention, advocacy and care.

You can learn more about this quarter’s charity by visiting

Profits from this quarter totaled $921.59!


The mission of the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association is to assure inclusion and enhance rmdsa_logoindependence of people with Down Syndrome. They do this by providing education, resources, and support in partnership with individuals, families, and the community.

Learn more about RMDSA at

Profits from this quarter totaled $1,192.13.   🙂


Fcolfaxcommunitynetwork_logoormed to reach the transient motel population along Colorado’s roughest stretch of avenue, Colfax Community Network seeks to not only provide needed services, but create a deep sense of community. In poverty, isolation and despair are the greatest obstacles to transformation. CCN comes alongside children, parents, and individuals to recognize their value and offer tangible resources to encourage stability.

Learn more about CCN at

Profits from this quarter totaled $1,244.40!


Big Hearts Big Soles is a unique nonprofit dedicated to pairing up big shoes with soles in need. Did you know that the largest sizlogoe most shoe stores carry is size 13? Larger sized shoes are typically made by high end companies, and these unique sizes rarely show up in thrift stores or in shelters. Now imagine being homeless or living in poverty and trying to find shoes…

Learn more about what this awesome organization does at!

Profits from this quarter totaled $1,627.52! A new high for us!


Angel-Eyes-Child-Loss-Awareness_45Angel Eyes is a statewide nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive array of bereavement counseling, risk reduction and awareness services concerning sudden, unexpected infant and toddler
death. Angel Eyes also offers bereavement counseling to those who have had a miscarriage or stillbirth. All of the services provided by Angel Eyes are free. To learn more, please visit:

Profits from this quarter totaled $1,477.34


The Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation is a 5010702100_258377854286327_1383355590912974955_n1(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping children whose parents are battling cancer. Working with the many hospitals located in the Metro Denver Area, the Foundation helps the children when their parents are diagnosed with any form of cancer. This help is in the form of grants for education and general support. To learn more, please visit:

Profits from this quarter totaled $1,152.82!


downloadUnderwearness, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides new  clean underwear to children in need. Underwearness was our very first  benefiting charity back in 2013.

For more information, please visit:

We’ve come so far since that first donation of $133.88. This quarter, we were able to make our largest donation yet, $1234.32!


JJ LOGO UPDATEJoseph’s Journey is dedicated to providing wilderness experiences to children with terminal and life-threatening illnesses. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, everything Joseph’s Journey does is made possible through donations of money, goods, and services and through the time and efforts of dedicated volunteers. To learn more, please visit:

We reached a new quarterly record with this one, with a grand total of $1227.15 in profits donated!


Sox PlaLogoce is a homeless youth center located at 2017 Lawrence Street in downtown Denver that strives to bring the Father’s heart to the fatherless through intentional and loving relationships. They serve street youth and young adults who range in age from 1-year old to those in their mid-30’s. Sox Place provides a hot meal, a safe place, and healthy and constructive relationships to those in need. To learn more, please visit:

Profits from this quarter totaled $922.57. Thank you for supporting this great local cause.


PrintSarah’s Home is a faith-based, therapeutic home for underage girls who have been freed from the forced commercial sex trade in the US. Located outside of Colorado Springs, Sarah’s Home officially opened its doors in July 2013 and offers healing, education, restoration, and reintegration for trafficking survivors. To learn more, please visit:

Profits from our final quarter in 2014 totaled $1,071.08 – our largest donation year-to-date. Thank you so much!



Project Sanctuary is a Colorado based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that takes our military families from battle-ready to family-ready by providing six day outdoor therapeutic retreats in a healing environment and ongoing family support services for two years following each retreat. To learn more, please visit:

Our 2014 third quarter profits totaled $899.43 – an awesome amount to donate to this amazing organization!


SafeHouse Denver is the only domestic violence prevention and inSHDtervention agency in the City and County of Denver that provides both safe shelter and non-residential counseling and advocacy services. Their comprehensive range of services help adults, children and youth move from victim to survivor, achieving healthy, self-sufficient, abuse-free lives. To learn more, please visit:

Our total profits from April, May, and June of 2014 got us to a total of $762.81 that we were able to donate to this important and life-saving organization!



Adaptive Action Sports is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that creates   skateboard, snowboard and other action sport camps, events and programs   for youth, young adults and injured military living with permanent physical disabilities, TBI and PTSD.  To learn more, visit:

We sold enough great coffee in January, February, and March of 2014 to allow us to donate profits totaling $873.98 to this inspiring organization!


Brent’s Place is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization thatBrentsPlace_LOGO_2010v3 provides “safe-clean” housing to immunocompromised patients and their families at no cost to them.

More than 14,000 children are diagnosed with cancer throughout the country each year. Many of these patients are in desperate need of “safe-clean” housing before, during, and after life-saving medical treatments. This means they require a home-away-from=home capable of supporting their entire family in a “safe-clean” environment. Brent’s Place is the only “safe-clean” housing facility in the Rocky Mountain region approved by Children’s Hospital Colorado for patients with compromised immune systems. To learn more, please visit:

Our profits from October, November, and December of 2013 allowed us to donate $694.50 to help continue to provide a safe and welcoming home to these families!


downloadUnderwearness, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides new clean underwear to children in need. Underwearness was our first benefiting charity (July, August, and September of 2013), and we were able to donate a total of $133.88 to help kids one pair at a time!

For more information, please visit: